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Our Story
Helping Haitians Build A Stronger Foundation

We are a small group of volunteers who have formed a not-for-profit organisation which is listed as a charity for tax purposes by HM Revenue & Customs (UK).  Like so many other people around the world we were deeply saddened by the earthquake that devastated Haition January 12, 2010.

As the aftermath of the earthquake unfolded, it became clear that the situation on the ground for the Haitian people was far worse than any of us

could have possibly imagined.


This tragedy compelled us to act, not just by simply donating in the short term but by building something which will be more substantive in the long term.  This brought us together as a collective which resulted in the formation of the non profit organisation "Friends of Fondation Félicité."


Friends of Fondation Félicité has been set up to directly support Fondation Marie Claire Heureuse Félicité Bonheur Dessalines (FF) in Haiti. FF has been working on the ground in Haiti for over 11 years in the areas of humanitarian, social and educational work to aid the people of Haiti. 



To find out more about FF in Haiti  [click here]



Ankhobia Carvalho, a broadcast journalist was already in touch with Fondation Félicité in Haiti through Bayyinah Bello in 2007, whilst working on a historical project.  Having interviewed Professor Bello, the president of FF, Ankhobia  came to the quick realisation that she had indeed met a woman with overwhelming spiritual presence and historical depth, dedicated to the upliftment and empowerment of Haitian people. As a consequence of this the two remained in contact.


On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, Haiti suffered yet another tragic disaster; not a cyclone, hurricane or mud slide this time it was one of the World's biggest earthquakes. Media sources say over 250,000 people have perished with some figures quoted rising to 600,000. Also the numbers of injuries and the devastation of homes and infrastructure continue to increase. Aftershocks continued beyond February, resulting in more buildings and homes collapsing.  The State University of Haiti also suffered a devastating blow with only 8 survivors out of a total of 1000 people.

Upon seeing this devastating catastrophe, Ankhobia tried to contact Bayyinah; who is a lecturer at the university, but with no luck! She decided to search for her family members and managed to locate Bayyinah's son, who informed her that his mother was indeed alive, although she had suffered serious injuries.

Watching the devastation on television and feeling a deep sense of pain at the people's plight, Ankhobia knew something had to be done. But what? The media houses across the world continually streamed images of Haitians hungry; without food, sanitation, water and shelter. On top of that their humanity was debased before the world as they were depicted as looters, rapists and against their customs buried without any form of ritual and dignity. Why after so much international resource was poured into the country, were the Haitian people still without basic necessities? And of course, if the short term needs of the people were not being met then what about the long term?


Being aware of FF's commitment to the people of Haiti, and the proud and dedicated service that FF provides under the leadership of Bayyinah, Ankhobia initiated the formation of the Friends of Fondation

Félicité, UK  


We at Friends of Fondation Félicité are dedicated to raising funds which will be reliably channelled to FF in Haiti. All donations and revenues will be effectively distributed to assist the people who need it most. We at Friends of Fondation Félicité will ensure that all donations will be used effectively for the benefit of those people affected by the earthquake of January 2010, hurricane Tomas and the recent cholera outbreak. 





Our Purpose, Vision and Values [click here]


“After the mass devastation that the beautiful people of Haiti have endured I felt compelled to do what I can to help in some way. Through Friends of Fondation Félicité, I am able to contribute monies on a regular, consistent and long term basis to help in the rebuilding of Haiti.”Taweisha Gordon, UK  


“My hope is that all the donations will add up to a significant help for the People of Haiti; therefore I give to make up that significant difference to change despair in to hope” Novelette Aldred, UK 
"I have chosen to support Fondation Félicité (FF) in Haiti via Friends of Fondation Félicité (UK) for two linked and equally important reasons.


Firstly my researches show that at the root and heart of their motivation is passionate belief and love, not the pity and patronage that is at the heart of many charitable endeavours. Thus their ethos is more than “teach a man to fish” etc; it goes further to stimulate learning and development so that same man is empowered to work out for himself how to fish in a way that best suits him and his environment.


Secondly I have been able to stipulate that my donation is used to assist FF in their work to continue educating Haitians. As Haitians emerge from this disaster they will need to reconstruct and re-establish; if their minds are not as exercised and fed as their bodies then tragedy will be compounded by their inability to do so. I do not in any way underestimate the need to respond to the bodily needs of dispossessed Haitians; a hungry man is an angry man after all. Yet throughout history humanity has shown that the right to define the self and Creation is as essential as bodily security and in fact many times has chosen hunger and even death in order to win this self-actualisation.

In short, at the very minimum the mind and the spirit must be as carefully tended, as the physical body and I believe FF and Friends of Fondation Félicité are assisting this vital process."J. Carty, UK



"When I read somewhere that nearly half of all Haitians are under 18, and that hundreds of thousands of children had been badly injured, orphaned or separated from their families, it trully broke my heart. I was  amazed to discover that by my donating just £20 a month, I can help to provide food & shelter for a young person in need, it’s worth every penny... I would have purchased stuff I probably don’t really need!"Shupps, Wolverhampton, UK

If you would like to share your views with us about why you choose to support the Friends of Fondation Félicité, Haiti Earthquake Appeal,

please email: