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Our Values



Our Vision and Purpose


Friends of Fondation Félicitéare determined to assist those Haitian people directly affected by the January 2010 earthquake; which devastated families, infrastructure, the government and other vital institutions such as schools and universities.


Friends of Fondation Félicité intends to provide Fondation Félicité (FF) in Haiti, with financial assistance, that will enable them to help those affected maintain some form of normality within their communities.




Core Values

At Friends of Fondation Félicité we have values that drive us, inspire us and underpin the reasons why we exist as support for the people of Haiti.


We value the right of every individual to have a meaningful life of freedom, equality and justice.


We value the role that all positive members of society play. We are glad to be working with a Haitian based organisation (FF) that is working diligently on the ground, to combat the devastation caused by the earthquake.


We will always respect Haitian culture and the values of the beneficiaries that we work with. In working with them we will always respect their self-determination, ideals, customs and cultural perspectives. 


We recognise that we are part of the world community and we acknowledge our need for each other. Therefore we value the direct link with the Haitian people, so that meaningful relationships can be created which allow a greater understanding of what the people of Haiti need.





Where Shopping
Becomes Charity


Friends of Fondation Félicité would also like to thank all individuals, supporters, and external organisations that have

 contributed to our efforts in creating this organisation and continue to be invaluable partners and friends.

It is great to see people coming together and working with one aim in mind - Helping Haitians Build A Stronger Foundation.