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Fondation Félicité in Haiti

Fondation Marie Claire Heureuse Félicité Bonheur Dessalines 



  "My country is a very rich country. We are rich because we are extremely creative

people. We have an inner force and we can rise from any situation.

What we need more than anything

is that those who want to help, do help us without asking

us to down our dignity. We are grateful, we know that

everyone who gives become richer. We thank you for wanting to help us,

especially the young people because, they have to handle tomorrow.

We are grateful to all those who will contribute. We are very very grateful."


Bayyinah Bello, President of Fondation Marie Claire Heureuse

Félicité Bonheur Dessalines (Fondation Félicité), Haiti

At Friends of Fondation Félicité we support the work of Fondation Marie Claire Heureuse Félicité Bonheur Dessalines (Fondation Félicité), which has been in operation for over thirteen years working with disadvantaged members of the community in Haiti, in particular, Port-Au-Prince. Fondation Félicité runs a number of programs, which includes alleviating poverty and improving literacy amongst the young and the elderly. Since the earthquake they have doubled their efforts using the resources of student volunteers whom although victims of the earthquake, have been helping and supporting fellow Haitians affected by this disaster. 


FONDATION/FONDASYON FELICITE (FF) has no paid employees but works with volunteers, aged between 18 and 33.  FF aims at developing the spirit of voluntarism in the youth as well as proactivity.


Meet the Friends of Fondation Félicité team [click here]

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                                                                                        Donations of brand new school items, food and clothing for those living in camps

                                                                                    Fondation Félicité unpack a shipment of clothing, food and school clothing etc as they arrive in Port-Au-Prince.